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Annie's Profile!

I have built many layers of years of experience which have brought me to this point in my life, almost a decade now!  I feel it is a great honor to be a successful Realtor in just a handful of years.  I do attribute my success to those, "layers" that I speak of.  I am an Interior Decorator of  20 some years, (being just shy of a Degree in Interior Design and a minor in Fine Art), I do not use the term "Interior Designer" with out holding my degree in hand!   The minute I walk into a Home, Condo, etc. I feel very comfortable knowing every design aspect of that Home, whether it may be of good design or the potential of being a great home, I am able to, "paint a picture" for my Clients.  I love being a Realtor and it is my passion!  Occasionally, I am able to dabble in the Interior Decorating side and I do that without a fee for my Clients!  I even have access to many a good Contractor or Sub.  I look forward to supplying my talents and skills for all who may be of need, please feel free to contact me either by email or phone

Annie's Mission Statement!

"Quality Service", is my motto!  It is all or nothing with me for my Clients!  It is funny because I have doubled my friendship ring since becoming a Realtor!  All my Clients generally become friends after the fact!!  I love what I do, and it shows!  And, I work literally 24/7!  It has almost become an obsession!!  Almost! 

I would like to add that I have found a "niche" in First Time Buyers!  My success has entirely been  based on the most amazing Lender that I have found who has helped me with my First Time Buyers when others could not!!!  With my favored Lender "behind the helm"  it gives me great confidence in helping my First Time Buyers succeed! 

Annie's Gracious Client's Remarks!

"Annie you were a terrific agent...thanks again."  Louis Browder, Columbia S.C.

"Thank You for your outstanding efforts. We were really impressed with your helpfulness as a realtor. You have exceeded our expectations so far."   Tina & Robert Hamby, North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

"Thank you so much for your interest in my friend Margaret and her family.
You went the longest yard for me.
I know Margaret appreciates your hard work too."

Thanks again,
Janet H. Fort Myers, FL.

Thank You for your outstanding efforts. We were really impressed with your helpfulness as a realtor. You have exceeded our expectations.
Tina and Robert H. North Myrtle Beach, SC

Dear Annie:

 Many thanks for all your assistance and

The Hilgerts of Lima, Peru